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We ferreted out another French imposition--a frequent sign to this effect: "ALL MANNER OF AMERICAN DRINKS ARTISTICALLY PREPARED HERE.
Our readers have not, without doubt, waited until the present moment to recognize in Master Olivier that terrible Figaro whom Providence, the great maker of dramas, mingled so artistically in the long and bloody comedy of the reign of Louis XI.
Afanasy Ivanovitch was a gentleman of fifty-five years of age, artistically gifted, and of most refined tastes.
And then--and then--and then--," said Irene, not artistically to increase the suspense, but because it was all so glorious to her.
And yet," continued the Thing, "when I carefully look you over, my masters, none of you seems to be constructed much more artistically than I am.
Built beneath this vast dome was a pretty village--not very large, for there seemed not more than fifty houses altogether--and the dwellings were of marble and artistically designed.
And, after he had explained the end, which he thought he had made artistically obvious, she would say:-
Artistically, in some respects or all, the greater part of the romances are crude and immature.
It was a view of Wildfell Hall, as seen at early morning from the field below, rising in dark relief against a sky of clear silvery blue, with a few red streaks on the horizon, faithfully drawn and coloured, and very elegantly and artistically handled.
And not only was I impelled to do it neatly and artistically, but also in such manner that not the slightest possible suspicion could be directed against me.
said her father, surveying it artistically with his head on one side: 'that's mine.
At times monstrous images are created, but the setting and the whole picture are so truthlike and filled with details so delicate, so unexpectedly, but so artistically consistent, that the dreamer, were he an artist like Pushkin or Turgenev even, could never have invented them in the waking state.