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Shot in the actual panopticon of a Lisbon psychiatric hospital, the film features a stuffed rhinoceros being slowly, artlessly, and surreally wheeled around the room's perimeter, past the narrow cells.
The community person, on the other hand, behaves "'ingenuously,' without calculating the effects of his demeanor, and artlessly receives impressions without initiating surveillance" (131).
Trigger-happy senior military officers in the People's National Army (PNA) headquarters' roomy offices care much about how to use their surplus weapons helter-skelter than proactively champion an artlessly peace process with the neighboring countries, namely Morocco, or the most vehement foe in their eyes.
For example, he states that it "is clear that the Vita Merlini was produced for a limited audience of educated friends, who would have smiled at the presentation of sophisticated textual learning artlessly acquired through supernatural inspiration," and he continues to argue that "this use of astrology is in fact an example of the way in which modern scholars have found Geoffrey's elusive sense of humour difficult to pin down" (102).
to recognize even the Virgin Mary and artlessly ask museum guides who
She took the stage artlessly while her male companion hurried along in a clumsy rendition of the Brazilian classic.
Esau responds, artlessly, 'Ani binkha bekhorkha Eisav [I am your son, your first-born, Esau]' (Gen.
That said, the man who'd artlessly reinvented TV cooking in the 80s--only to be superseded by some of the very chefs his programmes had helped launch--had been planning to watch the one-hour documentary.
New hybrids are also artlessly born due to cross-pollination.
At Aintree, he was a well-beaten second to Kalahari King, but he received a most uncharacteristic ride from Ruby Walsh, who rather artlessly forced a very fast pace, engaging Made In Taipan in a duel, which did neither of them any good.
today," Page artlessly announced, "he'd be turning in his