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Committee should give report within 15 days to ascertain the reasons behind the deaths of the children.
The minister noted that the way forward on the SI would be known after BRRA ascertains the impact on business.
Management consulting and software solutions provider TMNG Global (Nasdaq:TMNG) announced on Thursday an agreement with a European mobile operator to expand its deployment of TMNG Global's Ascertain platform.
Readers can ascertain the veracity of such e-mails on the Internet by searching on the Google or Yahoo, before forwarding to others.
ii) Ascertain differences between HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP).
Growers in the North-West are being urged by the NFU to ensure they are registered with the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) and take reasonable steps to ascertain that the labour provider they use has a valid licence.
approved a motion asking officers of General Synod, "in consultation with staff, to ascertain present and future needs for office space for the national church and to make specific recommendations" at the March 2007 meeting of CoGS "regarding the use of the present site or the advisability of moving to a new location.
These two curriculum areas only, comprise what is tested in to ascertain pupil progress.
Common wisdom is that there are too many variables to ascertain the ROI of any part of the marketing mix.
Bishop Morand requested the ambassador to ascertain what steps his government would take to address concerns about the suppression of those who work for social change.
The existence of side letters may be difficult to ascertain, but if the risk is there, sending out confirmations to customers may really be the only way.
A newly enhanced interface helps the user ascertain whether critical simulation parameters have been specified or not.