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The birth prevalences of anencephaly and spina bifida during the pre-fortification (1995-1996) and post-fortification periods (biennial from 1999-2008, last 3 years of available data from 2009-2011, and all years from 1999-2011) for programs with and without prenatal ascertainment were estimated.
The aim of this national oral fluid surveillance was to improve case ascertainment and representativeness, increase rates of confirmation of notified cases, and provide more detailed information on notified cases of pertussis (if confirmed) via the surveillance questionnaire.
Consequently, states use various case ascertainment methods for birth defects surveillance in order to capture all potential birth defects cases in their population of interest.
As part of its ascertainment report, the Cable Advisory Committee recommended that the city go back to a having a 10-year contract with Charter.
Differences in ascertainment may help to explain discrepancies between overall null results found in these U.
I chose to discuss issues of ascertainment and selection bias because Dr Lerner and colleagues presented two different groups, and seemed, from comments in the article, to glean conclusions from the comparison of these groups.
The relatives and friends of victims shouted slogans against the government for inefficient management and poor facilitation for the transfer of bodies and retrieval of blood sample for ascertainment of DNA samples.
I am among those researchers who have doubts about the veracity of the signals generated from administrative databases, which I believe suffer from major sources of uncontrolled bias, such as ascertainment bias.
ASD prevalence varied by type of ascertainment source, with higher average prevalence in sites with access to health and education records (10.
Much has been written about the perils of publication bias, surveillance bias, ascertainment bias, recall bias, and there is even a geneticist called Wilma Bias.
Thus, "inferential ascertainment"--which we might also call judgment, simpliciter--"is the establishment of a probandum (sadhyadharma) in a logical subject (paksa) subsequent and due to the ascertainment of a probans (sadhanadharma) with which the probandum is inseparably connected, and the recollection of this inseparable connection" (p.