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10) Trent McConaghy and David Holtzman, "Towards An Ownership Layer for the Internet," Ascribe, June 24, 2015, https://www.
Capgemini, a firm that offers consulting, technology and outsourcing services, said that it has entered into an alliance with ascribe GmbH to develop a blockchain database solution.
As unveiled last week, Emis had agreed to buy Ascribe for an initial consideration of about GBP57.
16 September 2013 - UK healthcare software provider Emis Group Plc (LON:EMIS) said on Monday it had concluded its takeover of peer Ascribe Group Ltd from ECI Partners and some other shareholders.
Ascribe plc (AIM:ASP), the innovative health IT Group,today announced that it has successfully installed its Web Pharmacysolution at the Royal Bolton Hospital, part of the Bolton Hospitals NHSTrust and that the site is completely operational.
Ascribe said the web-based solution, which is based upon Microsoft's SQL server, enables hospitals to move forward with prescription technology.
This means identifying norms and values that underlie participants' actions in a particular setting and reaching understanding of the meanings they ascribe to their actions, rather than imposing external meanings.
But I would ascribe a lowish probability, say 10 per cent, to this having a significant knock-on effect on consumer spending.
Moreover, too often the author will state conclusions and will ascribe attitudes, thoughts, and decisions to historical actors without adequate (or, at times, any) documentation.
Liberals never acknowledge their own hatred of Western traditions; they merely ascribe their hostility to their "idealism," a motive their self-congratulation won't allow them to ascribe to conservatives.
Thus, if one is able to ascribe the thought aRb of a system, then it must also be possible for bRa to be ascribed of the system because the conditions that warrant the first ascription guarantee that it is possible that the organism can (under the appropriate circumstances) be correctly ascribed the second.
Depuis mars 2015, Ascribe (9)--un service qui permet aux createurs d'etablir la propriete de leurs oeuvres ou de leur materiel protege par copyright ainsi que de la transferer facilement a un acheteur--propose une approche similaire.