ask for credit

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They typically request payment through hard-to-trace prepaid debit cards, but might ask for credit card numbers or even cash to "keep your services on.
The Worcester County Sheriff's Office does not contact residents and demand payments or ask for credit card information on behalf of the courts regarding jury duty and is asking residents to be vigilant against this most recent scam.
Their sales person told me that because of new legislation, overseas banks cannot now ask for credit card or bank details and so the new fiscal link between European banks and the UK is by Ukash vouchers," said Robert.
Be aware of identity theft and phishing scams that ask for credit card numbers.
Crooks then ask for credit or debit card details and other personal information so they can steal cash from bank accounts or sell details to other criminal gangs.
They then ask for credit or debit card details and the victims are then scammed out of money.
When you ask for credit, the lender will usually calculate a credit score to help them decide whether to accept your application and, sometimes, what interest rate to charge you.
Callers also allegedly ask for credit card information, which they say is to conduct a financial analysis.
They ask for credit or debit card details to which the refund can be paid Kevin says, "I immediately passed the e-mail on to my accountant who said the Inland Revenue never use e-mails.
Tension rose recently over claims that the US might also soon ask for credit card and e-mail account details.
Phishers email users pretending to be their bank or building society and ask for credit card details in the hope that customers will be fooled into revealing them.
This was before the signs started appearing ``Please don't ask for credit, as a refusal often offends.