ask for suggestions

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we ask for suggestions on the structure and performance of the following:
The next time you are looking for a book to read, come to the Bigelow Free Public Library on Walnut Street and ask for suggestions.
The government should ask for suggestions from the common people to solve this problem.
Although we regularly ask for suggestions some people are guarded in their responses which is why we decided to participate in Undercover Boss.
Ask for suggestions, then do your best to follow them.
Back at the end of the 1950s, when the Macmillan government finally realised off-course betting had to be legalised because the law forbidding it was simply unenforceable, it sent representatives to the Jockey Club to ask for suggestions on the best way to do it.
The rest of the time staff ask for suggestions from parents about other flags they could fly.
They throw out subjects to the studio audience and ask for suggestions back, from which they create inventive, surreal and sometimes just plain bizarre sketches.
Describe your gift recipient and ask for suggestions.
Your employers ask for suggestions on how they can become more flexible.
SANTA CLARITA - The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans meetings this month both to make sure local transit needs are being met and to ask for suggestions for expansion and improvement.
They will ask them why they did not renew and ask for suggestions on how they could be persuaded back.