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in [24] proposed the concept of aspectual component-based real-time system development (ACCORD) and applied it successfully in the design and development of a component-based embedded real-time database system (COMET).
The aspectual perspective is the most frequently encountered variation of micro-politics.
There are two main aspectual distinctions between pcrfective and imperfective (Givo[left and right arrow] n, 2001 : 345).
Indeed, it does not allow the grammaticalisation of other periphrastic constructions (an essential insight, as I noted above), and restricts the notion of periphrasis to the verb [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] based entirely on the notion of aspectual vagueness.
As I argued in Zwarts (2005) on the basis of its aspectual (atelic) properties, towards is not based on NEAR, but rather on the comparative NEARER: the endpoint of a towards path is nearer to the reference object than its starting point.
simple aspect + nonpast tense + occurrence, causative, or aspectual verbs) and illustrations of its occurrence in authentic sentences from British and American academic journal articles.
He argues that the phonological change of the non-indicative negative morpheme from -nga- to -ngeand the progressive aspectual morpheme from -sa- to -se- (in the stative copulatives) is due to the influence of the vowel [i] of the omitted copulative verb sterns (*-li for the positive forms or *-si for the negative forms respectively).
Aspectual decomposition: Decompose the requirements to identify crosscutting and common concerns.
Both Slavic languages and Greek make great use of such aspectual contrasts.
Linguistic scaffolding from the NSs assisted the students in recognizing the incorrect usage of temporal and aspectual morphosyntax, such as the use of trabajo (I work) versus trabaje (I worked) and fui (I went) versus fue (he went).
138), aspectual shifts which were "poised within some ordering and significant patterns that we can see and hear but that escape conceptual formulation" (p.