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The interview could not have lasted over ten minutes when Sorav summoned an aid whom he instructed to record us properly, and then escort us to the quarters in the palace which are set aside for aspirants to membership in the palace guard.
When we asked our guide why we were quartered so far from the guardroom he replied that the custom of the older members of the guard of picking quarrels with aspirants to try their metal had resulted in so many deaths that it was found difficult to maintain the guard at its full strength while this custom prevailed.
You see, in election time local politicians, aspirants for office, have a way of making the rounds of the saloons to get votes.
He looked Billy over with an eye trained in measuring freshmen aspirants for the gridiron.
Great caution, therefore, was absolutely necessary, and in this exposed situation we were attacked by all the fury of that grand enemy of aspirants to Monte Rosa--a severe and bitterly cold wind from the north.
From this time the work advanced with great rapidity, and in the course of the season the Labor was completed; the edifice Manding, in all its heatity and proportions, the boast of the village, the study of young aspirants for architectural fame, and the admiration of every settler on the Patent.
At this moment a squire, clothed in a threadbare vestment, (for the aspirants after this holy Order wore during their noviciate the cast-off garments of the knights,) entered the garden, and, bowing profoundly before the Grand Master, stood silent, awaiting his permission ere he presumed to tell his errand.
As I expect to be particularly calm and abstracted in my last moments, if you add a few details, concerning the fortitude and scholastic dignity with which I met my death, it may serve to encourage future aspirants for similar honours, and assuredly give offence to no one.
An interesting phase of life, and the pay is big enough to attract many aspirants.
15 (ANI): The Delhi Police has arrested a Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) aspirant for kidnapping a five-year-old child from Bhajanpura for ransom.
Former Starehe MP Margaret Wanjiru, former senator aspirant Susan Silantoi and woman rep aspirant Karen Nyamu, former town clerk John Gakuo and EALA MP Simon Mbugua were said to be the among the frontrunners for the seat.
The eligibility criterion for appearance in the written examination says that the aspirant should be below 30 years on Sept 1.