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To encourage and simplify the use of the Internet, these new Aspires also come with free Internet access of five hours each month for a year.
Other Survey Results -- What Owners Most Like About Their Aspires
The AOL Aspires program also awarded renewal grants totaling $47,500 in the DC metro region and San Francisco, as well as Columbus where AOL has offices.
The AOL Aspires grant program is based on the belief that in order to reach a bright and successful future, a student must first aspire to that future and have those aspirations nurtured.
In addition to their sleek industrial design and choice of charcoal gray and emerald green machines, these Aspires also run silently thanks to Acer's Quiet PC feature, have an instant-on capability through Quick Start so they are ready to go 3-5 seconds after pushing the on/off button, and offer full range high fidelity audio with a bundled 10 watt subwoofer and 10 watts-per- channel integrated speakers complete with tweeters for full balanced sound.
For the first time, the AOL Aspires program expanded to award grants in three additional cities where AOL offices are located.
The Spring Aspires come in the same emerald and charcoal colors and design, but have a new technology line-up internally.
For more information or to find out how to apply for an AOL Aspires Grant, visit AOL Keyword: AOL Aspires or www.
Rounding-out the family Aspires are five minitower configurations including a Pentium 120Mhz, 16MB RAM, 1.
2003 AOL Aspires Schools Receive Renewal Grants Bringing Total Program Grants to More Than a Quarter Million Dollars
Acer America revenues for October and November exceeded $400 million much of which comes from sales of Aspires through national retailers such as Best Buy, Computer City, Incredible Universe, Office Depot, Good Guys and Montgomery Ward, as well as numerous regional chains.