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Since one end of the spectrum produced by this test is no deference at all, Baker conceivably opened the door to more demanding review of those decisions once only assailable on the grounds of abuse of discretion.
Coca Cola retained its seemingly un assailable place at the top of the league.
In Istanbul two years ago there was the agony of watching AC Milan run riot during the opening 45 minutes as Paolo Maldini's first minute goal and Hernan Crespo's double gave the Italians a seeming lyun assailable lead.
Maneuver units are able to more effectively identify assailable flanks and positions of advantage through knowledge of the enemy's dispositions and posture.
vitality, it centres upon the eminently assailable human body and the
Giraudoux encouraged the French to think of themselves as assailable Trojans, of Hitler and his forces as menacing Greeks at the gates of Troy.
And none of these monuments is larger or more assailable than Ulysses, a dense, allusive, 300,000-word blend of stream of consciousness, multiple narrators, genre parodies, Irish history, and a long, farcical dream play.
But the worldview it engendered, secularism, is eminently assailable.
They will also target Mr Howard's own seat, Folkestone and Hythe, believing his majority of 6,332 is assailable.
There is no question of a grand theological summa; Christian doctrinal constructions, he suggests, are better viewed as a web or mosaic rather than as an epistemological house built on an assailable foundation.
As any observer of recent affairs knows, internet security can be breached, computer files are assailable, hard drives can be forced to give up their secrets and identities can be stolen.
26) According to the Michelin court, a trial court's ruling on the issue of genuineness during a Neil inquiry is assailable when it is based on a clearly erroneous assessment of credibility.