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Instead of relying upon the importation of steel for manufacturing automobiles, countries like Japan could use assembler technology to "grow" automobiles from other materials that may be lower in cost or that are available from domestic sources.
Many assemblers have not forced the issue of DfM within their companies or customers.
In these cases the product quality is often poor and we cannot accept the components, yet at the same time because of the lead times required we cannot simply switch suppliers (Japanese transplant assembler, 27 August 1997).
Clerity has many years of experience moving Assembler to COBOL.
A car assembler said besides currency and other reasons, another major reason of increase in car prices was high price of those components which are being manufactured by vendors from imported raw material.
Perhaps the countries or companies that develop assembler technology would build assemblers in other countries and sell licenses to manufacture various objects.
Using the Fermat technique; complex re-engineered and transformed into a more modern and flexible Java, C or CoBOL-based environment Re-engineering legacy Assembler code has always been seen as one of the most significant barriers to effectively transforming mixed Assembler and COBOL application.
Similarly, one assembler stated that while the quality of engineering support in North America was equal to that of Japan for existing models, it was less the case for model changes where the quality of Japanese engineering support was considered superior (Japanese assembler, 17 December 1998).
the leading provider of Enterprise Application Modernization solutions, today announced the completion of the technical integration between its Modernization Workbench platform and the FermaT Assembler technology of Software Migrations Ltd.
An assembler would physically grab onto a molecule, taking it from the pallet or conveyor belt or wherever, bring it to the piece of meat under construction, and mechanically force the molecule into position.
Automated Assembler migration capabilities modernize applications
the assembler of Nissans in Taiwan, has restored normal production, with two more hours than after the March 11 earthquake in Japan, aiming to gradually reach its originally targeted production volume.

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