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Didn't you know that the hour for assembling was ten o'clock?
It being that period of the forenoon when the various members of the family had coffee in their own chambers, some couple of hours before assembling at breakfast in a faded hall which had once been sumptuous, but was now the prey of watery vapours and a settled melancholy, Mrs General was accessible to the valet.
The poor people were so neat and clean, and knelt so reverently in prayer, that it seemed a pleasure, not a tedious duty, their assembling there together; and though the singing might be rude, it was real, and sounded more musical (to Oliver's ears at least) than any he had ever heard in church before.
By assembling these tiles into a flat layout, the team created two distinct patterns of stripes, differently spaced.
The Man Sang Group is principally engaged in the purchasing, processing, assembling, merchandising and wholesale distribution of pearls, pearl jewelry and other jewelry products.
Active Voice's expertise in assembling highly-configurable telephony solutions is outstanding," said Bob Hart, president and CEO with TeleSym.
However, a spokeswoman for JLR insisted that there are no plans to start assembling the Evoque in India.
We will develop more bus models locally as we prepare to establish our assembling and manufacturing unit in Oman," Jassim Saif Al Sulaiti, Mowasalat's chairman and managing director, was quoted as saying by The Peninsula newspaper.
Abstract: Innovation in the field of assembling is going in many directions.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Kinzan today announced that a growing number of organizations are creating Web applications using Kinzan Studio, a development tool for rapidly assembling applications from re-usable software parts.
The Content@ content management and workflow system is optimized to manage large volumes of XML, SGML, and other content, as well as executing business rules for assembling and publishing this important information.
Accovia's XML-based Travel Application Protocol empowers travel providers, distributors and sellers to interconnect and transact with each other, using a simple mapping schema which supports the exchange of all information involved in assembling, pricing and booking multiple components, as well as subsequent changes, cancellations or modifications.

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