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It is what I was about to say," Da Souza assented, with a vigorous nod of the head.
The Duke assented, and waited while the secretary locked up the papers which the Prime Minister had been examining, and prepared others to be carried into the House.
In the left arm and the right leg," Lady Anselman assented.
Yes, I know," assented the Malefactor - "three years' imprisonment and the preaching.
The secretary assented to this proposition with the best grace he could assume--it is difficult to feign a true professional relish: which is eccentric sometimes--and after asking the candidate a few unimportant questions, proceeded to enrol him a member of the Great Protestant Association of England.
True, to the present time,' Mr Boffin assented, with his former pensiveness, as he took his seat upon his settle.
Jingle assented, and the quartette walked into an empty apartment.