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The states do not have unfettered discretion to authorize withdrawals or diversions that would adversely affect or undermine treaty-guaranteed rights," she asserted.
To support the allegation, the plaintiff asserted that the officer "created a situation in which the use of deadly force became necessary"(13) by locking his service revolver and radio in the trunk of his police car before approaching the juvenile, by failing to carry handcuffs or other disabling devices, and by failing to disengage when other juveniles joined the fray.
He asserted that he lived with his brother in the apartment since 1990.
2) New section 554(c) seeks to remedy this situation by according taxpayers a statutory right not to have the penalty asserted where the reasonable cause and good faith standards are satisfied.
In the case of an individual against whom a deficiency has been asserted and who elects to have subsection (b) or (c) apply--
Although it is often asserted that King derived his concept of nonviolence from Mahandas Gandhi, Moses convincingly demonstrates that King adapted this notion to the African American experience by also drawing upon the works of Frederick Douglas, W.
Rather than proceed via yet another nonpayment proceeding, the owner asserted that the tenant's chronic conduct rose to the level of a nuisance, warranting eviction.
Enough evidence on chimp hunting now exists to compel scientists to look more closely for clues to the predatory tastes of early hominids, or members of the human evolutionary family, he asserted in March at the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Oakland, Calif.
Indeed, Sabato shows that there was an active land market, contradicting earlier studies that asserted that a small elite was able to keep the land to itself.