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It is her job to bat for Wales at Westminster and do so assertively and with determination.
Addressing the opening of WISE, Sheikha Mozah underlined that this inaugural summit and the annual meetings which will follow (in future), assertively renew Qatar"s commitment to education as a basic right in shaping our identity in line with Qatar's strategic vision for the year 2030.
He added, "NCUA is mindful of the volatile climate and has increased staff in Minnesota in order to adequately and assertively manage any safety and soundness issues.
This advance notice enables them to respond to proof-of-claim filing and other deadlines, and to assertively monitor and protect their interests.
Less visibly, but we hope just as assertively, the administration is pressing the Palestinians and other Arab leaders to take concrete steps to demonstrate their commitment to a peace deal.
In the telephonic talk, Premier Yusuf Raza Gilani expressed his commitment to assertively present Pakistans viewpoint to Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh in their expected meeting on July 16.
Something else that inhibits producers from negotiating assertively with supermarkets is that many don't have a good understanding of their own costs, let alone costs further along the supply chain.
Move assertively through the ball so that you don't fall back and pull the ball left;
Fair enough I say, and already I've noticed the redhead acting more assertively at home - a bit too much so if you ask me, like talking without waiting forme to blow the "permission whistle".
I feel she certainly told the Government minister Tom McNulty her views strongly and assertively.
Steamy Homosexual inmates can always book out a copy of Assertively Gay: HowTo Build Gay Self Esteem.
It is believed that China is assertively seeking out new long-term partners and has a vast reserve of cash.