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Assessable Payments under Employer Shared Responsibility
SourceGas' assessable revenue was $117 million, 17.
Accordingly, leased employees are not employees for the purposes of defining an applicable large employer or determining the number of employees when computing a recipient employer's assessable payment.
Form W-2 safe harbor: An employer will not be subject to an assessable payment with respect to a full-time employee if that employee's required contribution for the calendar year for the employer's lowest-cost, self-only coverage that provides minimum value does not exceed 9.
Nevertheless, Groll defends a legitimate role for physicians in such nonmedically assessable means-end disagreements.
However, the pounds 20,000 premium will be partly assessable as income and partly as a capital gain based on a set formula.
The ratings of LA Citizens' also reflect its state-authorized power to assess its assessable insurers as a pass-through vehicle to property insurance policyholders in Louisiana, along with the high credit quality of that assessable insurer base.
They also provide rules relating to the administration and assessment of assessable payments under Sec.
Here's what is surprising: Entergy's 2011 assessable revenue in Arkansas was actually lower in 2011 than it was 10 years earlier--and 15 years earlier--despite steadily increasing numbers of customers.
Medically Assessable versus Nonmedically Assessable
We had a long conference call with our engineers and are at a point very close to the number of assessable units," said Sewer Commission Chairman William J.
This holds true to many of our properties which are positioned to fit most transportation needs, much like our location at 755 Secaucus Road in Harmon Cove, a Class A, 340,000 s/f warehouse, is now more easily assessable to the New Jersey Turnpike because of the new Interchange 15X.