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Strictly a player ought to rely on his own ability for actually playing a game, but I asseverate from experience that some of my correspondence opponents do make use of a program.
Eamonn Reilly of the Curragh Bloodstock Agency went to EUR50,000 for Gerard Mullins' Trempolino mare Asseverate, a winner in France as a three-year-old and with a strong American pedigree.
cannot but asseverate the timeless legitimacy of his kingship--his claim
The subscript e is to asseverate this referential is being considered for the neutrino travel during the entire process (emission[right arrow]detection), but with [member of] [approximately equal to] 0 in the sense given in the previous footnote [[member of] [equaivalent to] [delta][t.
Actually, the critical one, since observations asseverate it.