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Sabin remarked calmly, "that he has been wonderfully assiduous.
Falk was the other assiduous visitor on board, but from his behaviour he might have been coming to see the quarter-deck capstan.
Pott was so overcome at the bare idea of having ever been suspected, that she was half a dozen times on the very verge of a relapse, and most unquestionably would have gone off, had it not been for the indefatigable efforts of the assiduous Goodwin, and repeated entreaties for pardon from the conquered Pott; and finally, when that unhappy individual had been frightened and snubbed down to his proper level, Mrs.
Stephen Guest was not seated by Lucy's side, or standing near her at the piano, or accompanying her on some outdoor excursion; his attentions were clearly becoming more assiduous, and that was what every one had expected.
Learning to sing is like any other skill or activity - it takes time and assiduous practice.
Their assiduous movement for the restoration of democracy and people right has no parallel, he added.
As an assiduous recycler I used three of these sites on a regular basis - at the Waitrose supermarket, the Waterfront close to the Halford's store and alongside the Gladstone Road roundabout near the police station.
Furthermore, our assiduous professionals make sure that motor rewinding is done according to industrial standards.
MOST right-thinking people these days buy into the idea of recycling, even if some of us are more assiduous than others in the delivery.
Other local music museums focus (possibly understandably) on the most well-known of local acts, whereas Pete is most assiduous in ensuring that those from all eras and all degrees of fame receive equal prominence, including promoting current talent.
Ma has made a hugely significant contribution to the success of Deutsche Bank's franchise in Asia and worldwide through his writing, his assiduous client service and his influence as a senior manager in research.
The GRA recognises firms in Ghana that are assiduous and consistent in their payment of tax.