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Soon afterwards they had a secret assignation in Las Vegas, booking into a hotel under false names.
3 Receiving for the Purpose of Prostitution, Lewdness or Assignation
Like for accounting based on the historic costs for companies actives, if the negative residual value is anticipated, this must be known efficient during life-cycle of the active, taking in consideration the supplementary depreciation, in such a way that the estimated debit to be assumed until the assignation moment.
Ian doesn't come back from his assignation with 'Cindy', and when he fails to arrive in South Africa, Jane reports his absence to the police.
She sat in a large wing-backed chair and read the opening pages, describing a mysterious assignation and important news for Voldemort.
The result is numerous two-or-three-page "chapters," each of which deals with some blunder, faux pas, assignation, or outright scandal that happened in American history.
Inarritu and scripter Guillermo Arriaga leaven the proceedings with two sequences of pure joy: the nanny's brief, vital assignation with another man during her son's wedding celebration, and the ecstasy-influenced trip to a dance club that allows the deaf Tokyo teen (forcefully played by Rinko Kikuchi) to feel at peace, if only briefly, with the crowd.
The story begins with Evey, a comely minor employee at the state television network, primping for a late-night assignation with her boss, a variety-show host named Deitrich (Stephen Fry).
The court ordered Biosphere Medical to pay to Terumo Europe the amount of 553,288 Euros, plus legal fees and interest at the legal rate as of January 23, 2003 (the date of assignation for the title of prejudice resulting from abusive rupture of the contract), as well as the amount of 8,000 Euros based on article 700 of the New Civil Law Code.
Jane Satterfield's second published collection of poetry, Assignation At Vanishing Point continues to document her as one of the best of contemporary poets working today and that her first anthology, Shepherdess With An Automatic, was indeed a precursor for more of her original and memorable verse to come.
A weekend's golf - or, heaven forbid, a carefully wrought assignation - goes down the tube with a request you be in Munich on Sunday.
Common assignation says Scott and James may be paired with celebrated directors John Milius and a guy named Francis Ford Coppola.