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The Long-Term 'BBB+'/Stable assigned to the series DBE-7008 SPEARs and LIFERs is based on the rating that Fitch has assigned to the Custodial Receipt deposited in the trust.
Eastburg is being assigned as assistant commander for Research and Engineering, Air 4.
We have assigned pluses to the "nays" because the bill increases transportation spending and is fiscally irresponsible (see Senate vote #14).
He was assigned to 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.
James Brundage has been assigned to the Joint Staff, J4 (Logistics), Pentagon.
Based on the ICD 9-CM codes used, a single DRG is assigned for each inpatient case.
If it is merely to have twelve grades at the end of the term or that departmental policy requires that all work be graded, these will become ends in themselves, and the interpretation of the final assigned grade will become even more difficult.
Under Review (u) Rating Modifiers are assigned to Best's Ratings and Financial Performance Ratings to identify companies whose rating opinions are Under Review and may be subject to near-term change.
Separate retention periods -- sometimes the same and sometimes different -- would be assigned to all occurrences of the record titles.
Later, however, many hospitals moved to primary nursing where a nurse was assigned to each patient and was responsible for the patient from admission through discharge.
Under this new initiative, each designated region will have a Senior Regional Acquisition Official (SRAO) responsible for developing assigned officers.