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assignee (assign)

n. a person to whom property is transferred by sale or gift, particularly real property. (See: assign)


noun accipient, allottee, donee, grantee, receiver, recipient, transferee
Associated concepts: lessee
Foreign phrases: Assignatus utitur jure auctoris.An assignee has the rights of his principal.
See also: deputy, feoffee, licensee, payee, receiver, recipient, transferee


a person to whom some right, interest, or property is transferred; see ASSIGNATION.

ASSIGNEE. One to whom an assignment has been made.
     2. Assignees are either assignees in fact or assignees in law. An assignee in fact is one to whom an assignment has been made in fact by the party having the right. An assignee in law is one in whom the law vest's the right, as an executor or administrator. Co. Litt. 210 a, note 1; Hob. 9. Vide Assigns, and 1 Vern. 425; 1 Salk. 81 7 East, 337; Bac. Ab. Covenant, E; a Saund. 182, note 1; Arch. Civ. Pl. 50, 58, 70 Supp, to Ves. Jr, 72 2 Phil. Ev. Index, h.t.

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Deciding whether overseas assignees are employees for their home or host employers can be challenging because assignees often provide services for and report to both employers.
To remedy this conflict, the amendments extend the time within which an assignee may conduct the business of the assignor under [section]727.
HCR's network of Care Advisers includes professional Nurse Practitioners who will support your assignee and provide insider knowledge, experience and advice.
The landlord can therefore take action against the tenant if the assignee defaults.
Even before the international assignee has stepped off the plane to search for a home, school, etc.
Figure 4 is a 3-D graph of the top assignees with the number of documents per year.
The research recommended that organisations link their international mobility strategy to the business strategy, clarify the assignment purpose and understand the objectives of the individual assignees.
assignee of Talisman Partners, assignee of Chase Bank USA, vs.
Reasonableness was also found by a court where the proposed assignee was a previous tenant of the landlord who had been a "troublesome" tenant.
A copy of the bill and the amendment concerning assignee liability that was approved on the floor of the assembly can be found at www.
For traditional three- to five-year assignments, most organisations have set procedures for reporting assignee moves and income.
Rights and powers of assignees are no greater than those provided under state law.