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assignee (assign)

n. a person to whom property is transferred by sale or gift, particularly real property. (See: assign)


noun accipient, allottee, donee, grantee, receiver, recipient, transferee
Associated concepts: lessee
Foreign phrases: Assignatus utitur jure auctoris.An assignee has the rights of his principal.
See also: deputy, feoffee, licensee, payee, receiver, recipient, transferee


a person to whom some right, interest, or property is transferred; see ASSIGNATION.

ASSIGNEE. One to whom an assignment has been made.
     2. Assignees are either assignees in fact or assignees in law. An assignee in fact is one to whom an assignment has been made in fact by the party having the right. An assignee in law is one in whom the law vest's the right, as an executor or administrator. Co. Litt. 210 a, note 1; Hob. 9. Vide Assigns, and 1 Vern. 425; 1 Salk. 81 7 East, 337; Bac. Ab. Covenant, E; a Saund. 182, note 1; Arch. Civ. Pl. 50, 58, 70 Supp, to Ves. Jr, 72 2 Phil. Ev. Index, h.t.

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Similar to Nevada's statute, however, New York's does not "entitle the assignee to participate in the management and affairs of the limited liability company or to become or to exercise any rights or powers of a member" unless otherwise provided in the operating agreement [section 603(a)(2)].
If an assignee decides to sell his or her home as a result of the foreign assignment, is this factored in?
In most instances, a good ordinary course of business analysis will convince an assignee that the debtor had no intent to prefer but was merely paying the creditor as it always has in the past.
16) The assignee receives limited rights and lacks ability to manage
111(4)) that 1) the assignee proposes to take the actions described therein without further notice or a hearing unless a party in interest files an objection within 21 days of service of the notice; 2) any such objection must be filed with the clerk of court and served on the assignee's attorney and any other appropriate person(s); 3) if an objection is filed and served, the court may schedule a hearing; and 4) if no objection is filed, the assignee and the court will consider the proposed relief unopposed.
Having said that, it is advisable to clearly specify the security being assigned to the assignee.
On January 19, 2006, GE Seaco demanded in writing that the assignee disclose the location of each cargo unit and not move loaded units until GE Seaco agreed in writing.
HCR's network of Care Advisers includes professional Nurse Practitioners who will support your assignee and provide insider knowledge, experience and advice.
The Credit cum liquidity enhancement includes subordinated excess interest spread and cash collateral in the form of fixed deposit with lien marked in favor of Assignee or bank guarantee as per CARE's criteria.
The landlord can therefore take action against the tenant if the assignee defaults.
No longer does a new assignee to Japan, Mr Brad Smith say, suddenly arrive with his wife Angelina at his hotel, pull out the Yellow Pages and try to find a home, a school for the kids, a doctor, a language teacher and all the things that go into living here--and not only here, but in practically any reasonably sized city in the world.