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This article reviews the difficulties in assigning grades to student work, briefly reviewing highlights from the history of grading practices.
Record series may offer the best approach to assigning retention to electronic records.
Most nursing homes and long-term care facilities employ the rotation model in assigning duties to aides.
The process of assigning ratings that explicitly address probability of default (IDRs) and recovery prospects (RRs) necessitated a thorough inspection of all assumptions used to guide Fitch's rating process.
In the following, we will describe the procedure for assigning a MESF value to a microbead with immobilized fluorophores.
Stamford, CT), along with the assigning of an issuer credit rating of "bb+' to Arch Capital Group (U.
In addition, Fitch affirms the 'AA' rating of the Principal Financial Global Funding, LLC program and assigning ratings to certain outstanding issues under all three programs (all specified below).