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In order to determine whether the relevant reactions in superphosphate continue to occur in order to increase the assimilable phosphorus and therefore the conversion rate, by continuing to interact the free acidity present with the insoluble phosphorus of the product.
This finding implies that while the values are beyond the assimilable limits, the condition or degree of pollution throughout the stations is the same.
Selon le ministre-adjoint Christos Staikouras, cette operation assimilable a un debut de restructuration de dette, pourrait porter sur des obligations "d'une valeur d'environ 28 milliards d'euros" arrivant a maturite entre 2013 et 2016.
He provides a beautiful and profound quotation from Isaac the Syrian which really exemplifies my point about good literature crystallizing swathes of theory into a form assimilable to our felt sense of our lived experience.
They offered those patients advice in a more easily assimilable manner and found that equally good results as those achieved in the fully literate were then recorded.
Perhaps most importantly, volunteering was assimilable to the civic republican ideal, in which the citizen soldier justified his right to political participation through his defense of the polity.
Organic compounds are a source of assimilable carbon necessary for bacterial metabolism and proliferation and therefore serve as a bacterial food source.
His characteristic strength is his ability to condense a complex and interlocking set of concerns into a concise and easily assimilable package:
In fact, there are often attempts to explain induction without considering the term 'probability' or trying to remove it from its everyday meaning, assimilable to a measure of the degree of belief attributed to the different possible alternatives'".
Russello points out how Russell Kirk, another figure connected to the early National Review, is also not easily assimilable into movement conservatism: "For some, Kirk represents a futile nostalgia for a time that never was; for others, his thought, whatever its attractions, has no place in an ideological 'movement' seeking political victories.
Honey, a most assimilable carbohydrate compound, is a singularly acceptable, practical and most effective aliment to generate heat, create and replace energy and furthermore to form certain tissues.
The rule of fidelity is assimilable to the rule of justice.