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The celebration of diversity, acceptance of multiculturalism, and the more modest place of patriotism and nationalism all make assimilation a different, if not necessarily more difficult, process.
immigration societies with the premise of assimilation.
The following mean values were determined: ingestion (I; total amount of food consumed), egestion (E; feces), assimilation (A; ingestion-egestion), assimilation efficiency (AE), secondary production (P; growth), and respiration (R; assimilation-growth).
Some on the left would say that promoting assimilation is a form of bigotry.
Assimilation happens over the course of generations and today more swiftly than ever before because of the very strong dominant cultures of consumerism, sports, and entertainment that tend to absorb the attention of people--immigrants and nonimmigrants alike.
Enthusiastic missionaries bent on the destruction of what they saw as a pagan religion, as well as reformers who saw assimilation as the only way to solve the "Indian problem," zealously implemented repressive government regulations.
While religious institutions historically have facilitated assimilation and incorporation into American values, this part of their mission is increasingly sharing energy with the task of cultural preservation.
Cygnus president Richard Reiff said that, because of the original partnership, the acquisition will "require very little in terms of assimilation and allow immediate integration into our current operations.
This collection of twenty-three personal essays by first-generation immigrant women--including Nina Barragan (Argentina), Edwidge Danticat (Haiti), Lynn Freed (South Africa), Akuyoe Graham (Ghana), Ginu Kamani (India), Helie Lee (Korea) and Joyce Zonana (Egypt)--focuses on identity in the context of such issues as race, ethnicity, culture, nationalism and assimilation.
This paper examines the historical legacy of assimilation, tracing many of the problems we face today back to the impact of European assimilation and loss of the traditional Aboriginal way of life.
Elkin had urged the social assimilation of Aborigines into settler society for a decade and a half.