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Instead, Congress has assimilated state laws criminalizing driving while intoxicated to cover similar offenses on military bases through the Assimilative Crimes Act.
The consequences of this converging of goals are evident in the church's complicity in the assimilative and abusive Indian residential school system--a guilt the Presbyterian Church in Canada confessed in 1994.
Taken together, the Major Crimes Act, Federal Enclaves Act, and Assimilative Crimes Act give the federal government exclusive jurisdiction to prosecute crimes committed on tribal lands and involving non-Indian defendants perpetrating offenses against Native Americans or Indian interests, as well as cases featuring Indian defendants committing one of the major crimes enumerated in the Major Crimes Act.
But Chuh (2003) disagrees with this goal of claiming America, contending that this nation-based Asian Americanist discourse not only overlooks the transnational dimensions of Asian American experiences, but also reproduces imperialistic knowledge that subjugates Asian-raced bodies as Others and fails to challenge the cooptation of Asian American Studies "by the assimilative modes of nationalist narration: by the bootstrap narrative celebrating individualism, the story of immigrant success defined as economic and political equality" (Chuh 2003: 139).
Hypothesis 1: A firm's assimilative capability will be positively related to the value of the acquisition.
This seamless conflation of both indigenous practice and Western-derived Marxist epistemology can be seen at work also in the assimilative principle of the Yoruba culture: "The general concept of transition is central to Yoruba life.
The adaptation of the popular Habib Tanvir script in Assamese was a pointer to the fact that Indian theatre is as truly assimilative in nature as the creators of NSD had purported it to be.
The pen has dimension and functions assimilative to an ordinary pen, plus the necessary elements and functions to capture, digitize the bio-kinetic patterns and the context information and, then, send them to the second level.
This paper thus seeks to contribute to ongoing conversations in labour historiography in three ways: first, by examining the ways in which strikes and labour demonstrations operated both as spaces of immigrant resistance to Anglo-Canadian institutions and assimilative pressures and as sites of accommodation to North American culture and politics; second, by exploring how shifting protest tactics, from radical to conservative, affected the most marginalized of industrial workers--immigrant women; and third, by recognizing the diversity of working women's experiences and by highlighting the value of analyzing ethnic women's radicalism within culturally particular terms.
On the other hand, they were run by the same governmental agency that had traditionally implemented assimilative policies.
The exhibition adumbrated Man Ray's symbolic anonymity, a crucial element in his early work that evolves within the assimilative melding of self-portraiture and landscape in Man Ray 1914 and becomes fully realized in the narrative of his early masterpiece The Rope Dancer Accompanies Herself with Her Shadows, 1916.