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Of the two systems, assonances are by far the more coherent.
Again, here, the purposeful rhythm, the alliteration of 'spirit-shocking' and 'slanting' and the assonances of 'black' and 'slanting'; of 'wonder' and 'Ulster', the lulling music of all those Ts in the last line, allied with the lucidity of his vision and the utter candour of his statement, are part of the alchemy which Kavanagh, at his best, can work.
Rimes, being the cross-product of all the possible syllabic nuclei and codas, naturally offer far more possibilities for variation than assonances do, so that there are far more of them, with the result that, for instance, there are more than 80 rimes that occur only once in the database and more than 40 that occur only twice.
Listen to the noises of the young Pound--pre-war, pre-madness and hatred--drunk on the assonances and cadences of the Greeks.
Recognising that terza rima is difficult to sustain in English, he has kept it, but crossed with 'the measures and assonances of the Hibernian-English ballad'.
Given the light that Marian poetry sheds on Sceve's canzoniere, it seems quite possible that the name "Delie," this "surnom louable" (D59), was in fact itself chosen for reasons other than its onomastic properties or its assonances (Diana, Delos, Delie, "l'Idee," etc.
Although there are assonances between projects, there is clearly no one-solution-suits-all formula.