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We sat in awed silence, gazing with timid curiosity about the room, the stained, plastered walls of which were well-nigh covered with a motley assortment of pictures, chromos, and advertisements, pasted on without much regard for order or character.
There's plenty more of it at the same shop,' said Mr Swiveller, by turns advancing and retreating in a threatening attitude, 'a large and extensive assortment always on hand--country orders executed with promptitude and despatch--will you have a little more, Sir-- don't say no, if you'd rather not.
Their store manager walks the aisles every day with SKU movement reports to make adjustments to assortments.
Ugam then used the list of key trending products to compare the assortments and pricing for several competitive online retailers, including Amazon.
The actual amount purchased assortments will be determined successively in the course of the contract.
GSA Advantage is your best source jot finding different assortments of grommets.
The assortments feature naturally dried, chocolate-covered cherries, berries, and nuts.
3 -- color) no caption (deluxe celebration assortments of See's chocolates)
Retailers who are just starting out can take advantage of this online tool to create inventory composed of jewelry assortments that have been picked based on best sellers, newest designs and products on sale.
The warehouse club stores here may be selling a lot of similar products in bulk, but when it comes to home textiles, Sam's Club and Costco have vastly different assortments of luxury products.
JDA Assortment enables retailers to profitably analyze, plan, execute and distribute localized assortments in an exception-based, automated methodology across all channels and verticals - with continuous visibility into inter-dependent key performance indicators.
In Bloomingdale's bath towel section, red and green solid towels are brought up to the front and displayed, but there are no major holiday assortments for customers to choose from.