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But I don't think it will assuage the fears of the people, yung outrage mababawasan, hindi.
The Brackley-based Mercedes team have benen forced to throw protective arms around the shoulders of both drivers at different stage so far this season to assuage pride and ego.
Greene agreeing to return a PS120,000 housing allowance will do little to assuage public disgust.
Still, good job Rob Brydon is on hand to assuage the nagging pains with laughter with this new series of the show that's a Call My Bluff for the 21st century.
Authorities moved quickly to assuage public anger by sacking the head of the Shanghai railway bureau, his deputy and the bureau's Communist Party chief, the Railways Ministry said in a statement on its website.
New US claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, but not enough to assuage fears the labour market recovery has taken a step back.
I want to assuage citizens and drivers: these duties [export duties for petroleum at $408.
2% in September, doing little to assuage fears that the market's 13-month run-up has lost steam and may return to negative growth, research showed.
This was part of the compromise agreed to assuage the Council's misgivings, particularly over the costs of the measures.
The UK government had imposed a one-time tax on bonuses of more than GBP25,000 in order to assuage public anger over high bonuses being paid to bank executives during the wake of the financial crisis.
She will doubtless now be presented with a huge sum of public money to assuage her gravely damaged feelings.
Britons seek to assuage: The British Museum is sending a delegation to Tehran to try to assuage Iranian anger over the museum's refusal to send the Cyrus Cylinder to Tehran last month for exhibit.