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The former of these teaching the folly and vanity of it, and the latter correcting it as unlawful, and at the same time assuaging it, by raising future hopes and assurances, which enable a strong and religious mind to take leave of a friend, on his deathbed, with little less indifference than if he was preparing for a long journey; and, indeed, with little less hope of seeing him again.
Mr Swiveller replied that he had very recently been assuaging the pangs of thirst, but that he was still open to 'a modest quencher,' if the materials were at hand.
Singh's behalf from Washington indicate that the Congress Party's attempts at assuaging the Prime Minister are succeeding.
One of the measures that the Government is called upon to pass is assuaging the sanctioning policy so that sanctions do not exceed the average salary in the country.
These days, massage therapists can be spotted just about anywhere, giving chair massages to employees at work, working out the kinks in seniors at retirement communities and assuaging infants in neonatal intensive care.