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To match the last approach, I assumed that the shape over time of the infection hazard (the risk for infection among uninfected persons) is determined by what is known about the BSE epidemic (10) and that the scale of the infection hazard is large enough so that the total number of infections (approximately 1.
The assumed liability would be a basis adjustment for her in year 5.
The controlled corporation assumed approximately $294,000 of liabilities, including Kniffen's $45,000 debt.
Mellman said he assumed that ``the two weeks is not a significant period of time in the grand scheme of things.
The rating action follows MNI's announcement that it has closed its acquisition of KRI and has assumed approximately $2 billion in KRI debt.
The notes had a face value equal to the amount by which the assumed liabilities exceeded the adjusted basis of the transferred property.
Because P assets were transferred to C, B also contends that he is entitled to increase his tax basis in C by (1) the amount that the value of the assets P transferred to C exceeds the amount of P's liabilities assumed by C, (2) the amount of P "equity" transferred to C and (3) the amount of certain additional amounts allegedly owed to P.
However, a determination that a contingent liability that the buyer assumed is the seller's responsibility requires the seller to consider it in determining its amount realized as of the acquisition date.
Convertible securities outstanding for the entire period are assumed converted at the beginning of the period.
Duda has assumed portfolio management responsibilities for the following funds:
Under IRC section 358, the "cost" of transferring assets subject to liabilities is that the transferee's basis will be reduced by the amount of the liabilities assumed.
The revised terms of the Agreement for 2006 are as follows: (1) the reinsurance subsidiary's retention, or cap, on losses assumed per event will increase from $1.