assumed position

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It showed that our course was north by west--that is, one point west of north, which was, for our assumed position, about right.
Persaud's career started at Walmart Canada as a staff pharmacist, and over a period of eight years he assumed positions of increasing responsibility which resulted in his leading the drug store operations for Walmart Canada.
Mr Murphy is an elected trade union representative, dealing with both organisational and individual issues on behalf of colleagues and is also an accredited CEDR Mediator, trained in developing relationships and constructively challenging assumed positions in order to work through disagreements and disputes.
Since then, he has assumed positions of increasing responsibility.
Thornberry started her career at Merck Research Laboratories in 1979 as a Biochemist, and steadily assumed positions of increasing responsibility - and is claimed to have distinguished herself along the way with numerous and significant achievements.
Over the next eight years, he assumed positions of increasing responsibility in the home furnishings area before being promoted to senior vice president for home furnishings.
warehouse, where he assumed positions of increasing responsibility.
Mapping by Peel at Rockvale has identified several, possibly intersecting, lines of lode that appear to be structurally-controlled, and the results of the IP survey appear to support the assumed positions of these lodes.
Thereafter, he assumed positions of increased responsibility until he was promoted to production supervisor, then to applications and polymer development manager in 2004.
Characterize your career in phrases like: "Began as Controller and assumed positions of greater leadership and responsibility, culminating in being appointed CFO with responsibilities to report the financials to the Board of Directors.
Fard joins the company after working for Pratt & Whitney Canada for 30 years where he assumed positions of increasing responsibility, the latest being senior vice president, Sales & Marketing.