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On energy, there are a host of bills, including HB 111, relative to recovery of stranded costs on certain purchase power agreements; HB 114, relative to minimum electric renewable portfolio standards; HB 145, requiring municipal approval for siting high-voltage transportation lines; HB 162, relative to criteria for issuance of certificates for the siting of high-pressure gas pipelines, one of many siting bills assumedly aimed at making it difficult to site gas and electric transmission facilities.
The Ringwraiths are not open to their own mortality: their very being seems to exist to return Sauron, and assumedly themselves, to an able body that is defined by power and exclusion.
So-called "Islamic states" have established despotic regimes -- which assumedly rely on Islamic prohibitions and penalties, but which are different from each other and yet rival each other in terms of despotism -- and they intensify their abuse of religious sentiments and play up the potential for sectarian conflict despite the fact that this may pave the way for a disaster with unpredictable consequences.
As IL1[beta], TNF[alpha], IL18, and GM-CSF secretion was induced to a normal level upon EBNA1 stimulation in SLE patients, the macrophages of SLE patients are assumedly functional and responsive to the latent EBV infection.
a) Dorsally deviated course of the interdigital nerve and neuroma; (b) transversely reclined neuroma showing the impression in its center assumedly made by the adjacent metatarsal heads.
It would seem that some of the challenges encountered by the industry today have some similarity to those of yesterday, albeit with assumedly less at stake in those earlier times.
These bombings of compounds belonging to the Islamic State represent what will assumedly be the first in a new series of acts of retaliation for what the president of France, Francois Hollande, has called "an act of war.
For example, if the advisor dies and was the sole member of the LLC, query who would or could be responsible for managing the advisory business' affairs assumedly pursuant to the direction of deceased advisor's personal representative, conservator, or trustee relying on other estate planning documents.
In addition, retail firms with assumedly small draw areas are only a small subsample of industry and the generalizability of the results presented in this paper should be further examined.
Likely the idea of verifying facts in this instance is not even a consideration: Assumedly, it is being spread for knowledge or entertainment with no perceived harm or associated risk.
Public accusations of cruelty against "agribusiness enterprises" and "factory farms" accuse large-scale dairies of being nothing like small family-operated farms that assumedly treat their cows better (e.
The exercise hypothesized a financial panic caused by some highly-charged actions assumedly taken by the global states that matter; for example the Russian initiative of withdrawing its gold reserves from depositary countries and issuing a new ruble to be used in all future oil and gas transactions.