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noun adjuration, affirmation, assur edness, attestation, averment, avow, avowal, avowance, commitment, confidence, confidentness, confirmatio, covenant, declaration, ear nest declaration, engagement, fiducia, guaranty, oath, obligation, pact, paction, pledge, pr omise, r eassurance, security, solemn assertion, solemn pr omise, sur ety, voucher, vow, warranty
Associated concepts: assurance of title, covenant of future assurances
See also: acceptance, accommodation, affirmance, approval, avouchment, backing, bail, belief, binder, bond, certainty, certification, certitude, commitment, confidence, confirmation, consent, contract, conviction, corroboration, coverage, credence, declaration, expectation, faith, guaranty, insurance, license, mainstay, outlook, pact, persuasion, pledge, principle, profession, promise, proof, prospect, recognizance, recommendation, reference, reliance, responsibility, safeguard, safety, security, surety, trust, undertaking, vow, warrant, warranty

ASSURANCE, com. law. Insurance. (q.v.)

ASSURANCE, conveyancing. This is called a common assurance. But the term assurances includes, in an enlarged sense, all instruments which dispose of property, whether they be the grants of private persons, or not; such are fines and recoveries, and private acts of the legislature. Eunom. Dial. 2, s. 5.

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Mary's Home of Erie Project) health facilities revenue refunding bonds series 2006B (insured: Radian Asset Assurance Inc.
The review teams focused on the elements of our quality assurance system dealing with engagement performance and compliance monitoring.
GAO was asked to determine the (1) types, amount, and coverage of financial assurances operators currently use; (2) extent to which financial assurance providers and others have paid to reclaim land not reclaimed by the operator since BLM began requiring financial assurances; and (3) reliability and sufficiency of BLM's automated information system (LR2000) for managing financial assurances for hardrock operations.
The answer is that certified products are listed on the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Web site at <niap.
Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada, Levis, Quebec, was merged into Desjardins-Laurentian Life Assurance Co.
In effect, Software Assurance is an ongoing maintenance contract.
The plan of correction is integrated into the quality assurance system.
In many institutions, private practitioners are required to give rather freely of their time to perform quality assurance activities without financial remuneration.
com/reports/c90941) has announced the addition of "Green Quadrant: How To Select A CSR Assurance Provider" to their offering.
The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) released in July its first international standard on assurance engagements.
has reaffirmed the claims paying ability rating of Central Life Assurance Company at 'A+' (Single-A-Plus).
The ultimate mission of quality assurance is to enable us to manage quality.