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99) has sweet plummy, perfumed fruit, with powerful tannins and astringency in the mid-palate, finishing with a chocolate and talcum-powder mix.
It can not be argued that in many cases, instant tea does not provide the aroma and astringency associated with real brewed leaf tea.
There is some astringency in the aftertaste and a good dose of hops in the brewing process ensures a bitter taste at the finish.
A disturbing astringency surfaced in some cups, however, depressing the final rating.
The flavour is similar to smoky bacon crisps and leads to a dry lingering aftertaste with some astringency in the finish.
The highly condensed writing of Stravinsky's Three Pieces for String Quartet provided a brief but brilliantly dramatic interlude before the more expansive sound world of Bartok's second String Quartet offered snatches of hope, uncovered in this moving reading amidst the astringency of the first movement and the desperate energy of the second.
Some will always go for the standard box of teabags, but others want to try the different single source teas and compare the subtle astringency of a Darjeeling with the rounded mellowness of an Assam, or the rich strong flavor of a Kenyan.
A rich and intense aroma of roast coffee beans, liquorice and cherries leads to an initial smooth-tasting beer with plenty of roast malt and dark chocolate flavour that leads onto an increasing bitterness and astringency in the finish.
Smooth, with almost a port-like richness, this was let down by a touch of astringency or bitterness on the end palate.
Many coffee flavor effects, other than aroma, are detected in the oral cavity--the mild bitterness, a slight astringency, a barely noticed salinity, a mild acidity; but the aroma notes, whether directly from the cup, or from the ingested brew, all must enter the nasal passages to achieve recognition.
There is some dryness in the finish, together with very slight astringency.
A very good wine, let down by a hint of bitter astringency, I give this 16.