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The production's other major newcomer was its Eboli, Anna Smirnova, whose acting showed greater point and skill than her astringently Slavic singing, though neither was memorable in any particular way.
Based on the rejection of hard thought, such schooling inevitably succumbed to what Kirk astringently called "the drug of ideology".
21) Recalling the Jennings case in 1848, one commentator astringently described undergraduate economic morality as the "system of practical ethics which, out of Oxford, supplies the hulks with their inmates, and the penal colonies with their inhabitants.
Whether recreating belle epoque France in Atmospheres Apollinaire, Marco Polo's travels in The Lion of Venice, the Tibet of a hundred years ago in Invading Tibet, or Spain's collapse into civil war in Slow Lightning, Mark Frutkin characteristically displays an astringently lyrical narrative talent, irradiated by a fascination with matters spiritual and artistic.