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Against a backdrop of accessible pop melody and English rock and roll, he astutely observes life in the 21st century, taking a swipe at yob culture (Stand Up Comic), the media (Other People's Lives) and failed relationships (All She Wrote).
As Jean-Max Colard astutely observed in these pages in December 2001, Hains's work is nothing if not "nonlinear, made up of digressions, missed appointments, lateral moves, and temporary disappearances.
Moreover, she astutely points out Odum's subversion of many strongly held stereotypes of Blacks that predominated In the South, some of which he himself had once embraced.
Eifman astutely translates emotion into motion, and the articulate bodies of his long-limbed dancers etch the warped postures indelibly in space and memory.
The Magic stuff is interesting, but Kushner--perhaps astutely realizing that the market for Magic books is small and the market for poker books is big--seems eager in hurry through it in order to get to the gambling part.
35 Ayr, 1m Jockey Daniel Tudhope Trainer Declan Carroll (pictured) Forecast SP 3-1f Why this is significant The six-year-old is at the top of his game, having been astutely placed by his trainer to win his last four.
Evans astutely points out the greatness of Rauschenbusch while also pointing to some of his weaknesses, such as his racist tendencies, his anti-Catholicism, and his paternalistic attitude toward women.
Recognizing that ideology both hides itself in and naturalizes itself as "common sense," King has chosen astutely to attack the "truths" of common sense on many fronts simultaneously.
ACC had to hand the cash over to the Revenue Commissioners, in common with a lot of other banks and financial institutions, whose DIRT errors were discovered so astutely by a parliamentary committee last year.
Cold War bodysnatching themes spruced up in an exciting teen horror flick from Robert Rodriguez, astutely drawing on the shared experiences of countless sci-fi scare pictures.
Ireland, we are reminded, was not a late entry into The Faerie Queene: "Even when Ireland is not represented as a figure or series of figures within the text," Hadfield astutely argues, "it determines the conditions of representation" (174).
A new theatre for Emmanuel College in Cambridge displays an astutely crafted material richness combined with a highly innovative structure.