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The researchers found that the overall quality of work produced by teams with more asymmetrical leaders was 20 per cent higher on average.
Again, the student must continually check for asymmetrical balance.
Bonded aviator jacket EUR29 with slub asymmetrical top, EUR6, and lambswool military cardigan EUR14.
Huang explained: "We know that Parkinson's patients lose their arm swing even very early in the disease, but nobody had looked using a scientifically measured approach to see if the loss was asymmetrical or when this asymmetry first showed up.
Still many problems connected with asymmetrical factorials remain to be solved.
HCP's patented Volumizer application concept offers multiple performance characteristics through its curved triangular asymmetrical applicator design.
2] rocking 733 Asymmetrical ring deformation, bending ring, out of plane H, C[H.
The designs combine asymmetrical shower enclosures with sleek angular basins, lavatories and taps.
Now we are immersed in asymmetrical warfare, where states face non-state enemies who are palpably post-modern: trans-national, decentralized, more closely resembling a fog or that mythic beast with multiple and multiplying heads, the hydra, than the traditional more or less well-defined and (at least potentially) containable national enemy.
Pavilions, arcades, entry blocks, and pitched tile roofs were composed in the existing asymmetrical manner, with the and other materials closely matching what was already in place, notes architect Malcolm Holzman.
A new pad printing system reportedly represents a breakthrough for decorating asymmetrical bottles.
If you're going for a hat with a brim, wear it set at an angle rather than straight on - asymmetrical lines are very useful.

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