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Today the Baa-Baas face New Zealand, and although many of the All Blacks rookies and reserves will be aiming to impress coach Graham Henry, it is hard to envisage them putting in such a big phsyical showing and the Baa-baas should be able to return to their spirit of expansive play Nick Mallett's invitational side is top-heavy with southern hemisphere stars in need of a rest after a hard international season and they are unlikely to be hitting mauls, rucks, setpieces and tackles at full pelt.
At the point of the race where it happened it wasn't as dangerous as it could have been because they weren't at full pelt so they kept control much easier.
We have played three matches at full pelt in a short time and the effort they put in against Ipswich was superb," said Jones.
Mark Hunter maintained minimum between-song banter, preferring to keep the riff-fest going at full pelt.
More than 2000 were out on Cairngorm and 1500 visited Aonach Mor, where a spokesman said: "The ski school is going at full pelt and ski hire was nearly empty by lunch time.
The kids are quicker and keener so I take five of them on in each session, with each one of them giving it three rounds at full pelt before being replaced by a fresh body.
Screenwriter James Gunn contrives a number of thrilling action sequences, subverting some conventions of the genre ( zombies don't just shuffle, they run at full pelt after their prey ( while reaffirming others ( zombies can't speak and growl menacingly.
The Scotland striker, who damaged knee ligaments last season, said: "I've been training at full pelt and the knee has stood up to everything brilliantly.
I did work while I was out there and I cut down on my pace because there was no point running in at full pelt on those wickets - there was nothing in them.
From start to finish it was electric, the cast of just seven carried the show at full pelt with amazing voices that did justice to the 30-odd golden oldies they belted out one after another weaved into the storyline.
THE Community Shield is a betting minefield because neither team is likely to be playing at full pelt in the run-up to the big kick-off next week.
Petrov has missed two matches with a hamstring injury that has niggled him for some time, but now returns at full pelt.