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Therefore, the aim of our study is to determine if differences in athletes' personal characteristics are related to their perceptions of the motivational climate and to identify whether perceptions of the motivational climate in the athletic training room are related to athletes' individual goal orientation.
8220;I am honored to be named medical director of Barton College's Athletic Training Education Program,” said Galland.
For all of these reasons, the evaluation of athletic training operations and their associated facilities are of importance to the entire issue of CAMRSA.
Further, I believe the mental and physical discipline needed to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle is very similar to the mental and physical discipline needed for grueling athletic training.
The hard part of the job for Hemingway was the grueling athletic training, which started a year before filming.
The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) announced today its selection of Liaison International's eAccreditation System to manage the accreditation of more than 360 programs of Athletic Training Education.
Bauerfeind's medical and sports heritage aligns with the NBATA's medical and sports athletic training and expertise," said Gregory J.
Tenders are invited for Athletic Training Facility Audio/Visual Installation.
Quick reference dictionary for athletic training, 3d ed.
Subjects: Athletic Training, Dictionary of Terms, Clinical Practice.
on May 5 with a bachelor of science degree in athletic training.