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Atomic Theory II: Ions, Isotopes and Electron Shells, Visionlearning Vol.
The 17 modules cover atomic theory, chemical bonding, organic nomenclature, substitution reactions, stereoisomerism, carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.
When intellectual giant Niels Bohr offered a striking new atomic theory in 1913, he and the field of physics unwittingly benefited from a large dollop of dumb luck, physicists say.
Epicurean physicalism is grounded in an atomic theory of matter that rejects teleology and providence (pp.
Atomic theory and quantum mechanics demonstrated that everything, even space and time, exists in discrete bits--quanta.
These include Dalton's Atomic Theory, and basic ideas on atoms, molecules, and compounds.
Compounds, balancing equations, the mole concept, stoichiometry, gases, solution chemistry, atomic theory and periodicity, bonding, oxidation and reduction, acids and bases, and reactions are all discussed.
Lord Kelvin's formulation of atomic theory in terms of knots never panned out.
Intended for students with a weak background in mathematics, this textbook describes the properties of gases, the three parts of an atom, chemical nomenclature and formulas, bonds between atoms, atomic theory, acid-base reactions, and chemical equilibrium.