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In order to guarantee atomicity, all locations at which the distributed transaction T has been carried out should coincide with the end result of the execution.
All this changed when he adopted temporal atomicity.
TRS can be used to model atomicity, which is a powerful mechanism for reasoning about the functional correctness of highly concurrent systems.
TP Internet Server passes the "ACID" test for industrial-strength transaction processing: Atomicity, requiring that either all or none of a transaction's pieces are committed; Consistency, or data validity; Isolation, requiring that each transaction is isolated from any other transaction while it is in process; and Durability, requiring that committed data is saved by the system, even in the event of failure.
0 delivers a high-performance, automatically recoverable, multi-user transaction system which meets the database "ACID" test for business critical applications: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability.
In addition, an OTS ensures consistency, atomicity, and integrity, which greatly simplifies programming in situations where many client need to access the same set of business data.
ElekChek provides reliability with atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability while substituting the business model of transaction processing with a low cost and value-added alternative.
With the availability of Release 8, uniVerse provides the transaction management properties of atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID).