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In the figure one, we show the sample model of the fuel atomization systems.
Finally, even in fixed point operations where the load is low during warm-up, this paper examines whether downstream position injection and fuel atomization are effective to reduce the THC emission.
The combination of high-yield of fine powder with a low gas to metal ratio of about 10 is unique to AP&C's proprietary Plasma Atomization process.
Oxidation is controlled by manipulating levels of inert gases such as argon and nitrogen in the atomization environment.
NNL scientist Jeremy Edwards said the atomization technology "offers a game-changing delivery mechanism for reagents, fixatives and decontaminants.
Advanced Atomization Technologies will be located in the Parker Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division facility in Clyde, New York.
2002) quantified the decrease in power consumption (approximately 28%) associated with the atomization of water in air reciprocating compressors.
Graziadio; Design and Characterization ofTwinFluid Y-jet Atomizers, Atomization and Sprays 2, 45 (1992).
To quantitatively analyze the atomization process by ultrasonic vibration, Lang (6) proposed a relationship to predict the size of atomized droplets, where the density and surface tension of liquid were considered as major material parameters.
This can be caused during application if the spray gun is too close to the substrate, too much paint is being applied (too thick), there is poor atomization, fan width is too narrow, or the fluid delivery is too high.
Atomization through a two-fluid nozzle typically produces small particles in the range of 2-75[micro]m while atomization through pressure nozzles produces a larger particle in the range of 50-200[micro]m.