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Using proprietary technologies such as Pneumatic Fracturing, Liquid Atomized injection and Ferox, the company has successfully applied innovative approaches to more than 250 sites throughout the world.
cost associated with the start-up of the Corporation's new atomized steel plant located in Niagra Falls, N.
IPNET has passed the atomized conformance tests for IPv6 specification without remarks, configured both as a host stack as well as a routing stack.
According to Mark Bernstein, president and center director of PARC, "These projects represent essential stepping stones -- robust, usable security and simple interoperability -- for operating in a world where computing is increasingly atomized, embedded and user-managed.
Cognia Molecular's(TM) annotation clients enable researchers to efficiently annotate information on proteins, genes, complexes, chemical compounds and their interactions to create their own highly atomized databases.
Since the sonic velocity at the throat causes the fuel to be atomized to very small particles (about 20 microns) it results in a fine fog which flows uniformly to each cylinder enabling the engine to operate extremely efficiently at lean air fuel ratios.
The sonic velocity causes the fuel to be atomized to very small particles (about 20 microns) resulting in a fine fog which flows uniformly to each cylinder and which enables the engine to operate very efficiently at lean air fuel ratios.
Dry scrubbing involves spraying a highly atomized slurry or aqueous solution of an alkaline reagent into the hot flue gas to absorb sulfur dioxide emissions.
In this separated and atomized society what kind of effect would the "bomb" have?
com)-- Industry leading E-liquid developer and manufacturer Atomized Labs announces the signing of a distribution agreement with Beretta Tube Company a leading manufacturer of conventional tobacco tubes and distributor of conventional tobacco products, E-Cigarette hardware and E-Liquids.
The unit generates an umbrella-shaped cloud of atomized droplets averaging 50-200 microns in size, projecting the mist about 30 feet (9.
Its Air Assist Containment (AAC [R]) technology wraps the atomized droplets in a containment shield of air, preventing them from escaping the spray pattern, reducing material waste.