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So, even if I never find the Spirits, I shall be worthier Lily-Bell's affection if I strive to atone for the wrong I have done.
She has a worse opinion of me than Aunt Jamesina, and she doesn't love me hard to atone for it, as Aunty J.
The nose was lean, full-nostrilled, and delicate, and of a size to fit the face; while the high forehead, as if to atone for its narrowness, was splendidly domed and symmetrical.
If he remained silent, might the mercy be trusted to atone for the lie?
Lady Lydiard had, not long since, sent to ask her former steward to visit her; regretting, in her warm-hearted way, the terms on which they had separated, and wishing to atone for the harsh language that had escaped her at their parting interview.
Girls are such geese sometimes, I can't help it," said Steve, confessing his transgressions handsomely, and feeling quite ready to atone for them if he only knew how.
Believe me, she will atone for all that she may have harshly and hastily done when she has had time to think.
I will remember - what I have said; - but do not you punish my presumption by withdrawing your friendship entirely from me, - or expect me to atone for it by being more distant than before,' said I, extending my hand to take leave, for I was too much excited to remain.
Is there," answered he, "no way by which I can atone for madness?
A report was spread, a few weeks later, that he was dead, and she now determined to atone for her disobedience by a life of labour and devotion for her father.
Yea, even when it commandeth itself, then also must it atone for its commanding.
Remember, cannot nine years of my life atone for an instant.