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Potential fecundity may not correspond to annual fecundity because of the presence of atretic and residual oocytes (Witthames and Greer Walker, 1995; Kurita et al.
Sixty-two percent and 72% of the stage-V and stage-VI ovaries sectioned in July and August, respectively, were at mid or late atretic state 1, i.
In addition, ovaries from BPA500 animals had fewer corpora lutea, fewer antral follicles, and more atretic follicles than did those from controls.
While the exact timing of transition from functional female to functional male remains unclear, ovarian remnants in later stage transitionals are atretic as compared to ovarian structures with further developmental potential (chromatin nucleolar oocytes, perinucleolar oocytes, and mature oocytes) found in males of other fish taxa known to exhibit bi-directional sex change (Cole 2003; Wittenrich and Munday 2005).
We found no evidence of females that had ovulated (with corpora lutea) initiating a second clutch; post-laying females only presented atretic follicles.
Scores of 1 +, 2 +, 3 + and 4 + were, respectively, considered for atretic follicles with 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent positivity for lipid staining.
Jegede [6] further investigated the control of reproduction in Oreochromis niloticus using Hibiscus rosa-sinensi (Linn) leaf meal as reproduction inhibitor and showed disintegration of spermatids and necrosis in testes and severe atretic follicles in ovaries at a high inclusion level of 4.
The absence of small males, presence of atretic oocytes and brown bodies in testes of mature males, and both developed ovarian and testicular tissues in the gonads of five transitional fish provided evidence of protogynous hermaphroditism.
1989), from which one large follicle develops and subordinate follicles become atretic (Ginther et al.
Transthoracic echocardiographic examination demonstrated a hypoplastic left ventricle with atretic mitral valve (Fig.