attach little importance to

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The hard-liners, meanwhile, are committed to projecting Iranian power through military means; they attach little importance to the unease they cause among Arab states and remain hostile to the U.
Most MPs and local councillors attach little importance to the idea, while a significant number are openly hostile to a change which they believe will place far too much power into the hands of one individual.
The Korowai appear to live in a small-scale society, without many outside contacts, and to attach little importance to either accumulating and transacting wealth items, or to staging large-scale rituals.
Many of the sisters attach little importance to daily Mass.
Although Prados himself seemed to attach little importance to these early books, largely overlooking them when he compiled a major anthology of his work towards the end of his life, his Antologia 1923-1953 (Buenos Aires: Losada, 1954), they still bear rereading as testimony of a surprisingly assured initial engagement with issues that would recur insistently in his subsequent work.
The Europeans attach little importance to this technology, however, which is not covered by the Union's Sixth Research and Technology Framework Programme.