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However, the spraying method showed that stainless steel is still attackable to salt exposure (Fig.
Velvel, The War in Viet Nam: Unconstitutional, Justiciable, and Jurisdictionally Attackable, 16 KAN.
Soif they see something that looks attackable andlooks captureable, they'll attack it," he said.
It is incumbent upon organizations to understand the attackable surface area represented by web applications, particularly those that store and process confidential personal or payment card data.
The plaintiff is then entitled to collect the entire amount from one or two (or any number) of the most solvent and/or readily attackable (where jurisdiction can be achieved or perhaps the defendant can be subjected to adverse publicity) defendants.
In the conditions that have prevailed for two days, that's eminently attackable.
For the military professional, the important attackable elements consist of an enemy's facilities, industry, hardware, economy, and--potentially--populace and exclusivity of capabilities/knowledge.