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For example, the perception of auditors about the attainability of the time budget may differ as they participate in setting of their working time budget.
and "What is attainability worth in dollars, in energy, in preservation of the asset and in reputation?
The ease of implementation, economic value, and business enablement capabilities underscore the attainability and importance of a new messaging framework for organizations whose information distribution demands drive the bottom line.
Verification (check of the potential attainability of goals)
Another factor influencing modern recipes is ingredient attainability.
Using the metaphor of masturbation to critically reflect on relations among images and objects and between creation and productivity, the artist created a performance that was part TV science lecture, part spiritualist seance for an age marked by the promise (or threat) of infinite attainability.
This denial is a translation on the ground of the Palestinians' usurped right to cultural liberty, through which they would be able to exercise the right to education, not only at the level of attainability but also at the level of influencing educational policies and curricular content, especially identity-building subjects, such as history, geography and literature.
Unfortunately, a new bar has now been set through modern editorial techniques such as air-brushing, which ever-expands the boundaries of attainability whilst constantly challenging women to reach the lofty heights of so-called 'perfection'.
Even the game show operates, in a sense, as a metaphor not just for aspiration but for attainability.
In the second part we study the attainability and maintainability problem.