attempt to prevent

See: dissuade
References in classic literature ?
Evidently the Nome King had made this last attempt to prevent their escaping him; but it did him no good, for when Dorothy saw the danger they were in she stopped and waved her hand and whispered a command to the magic belt.
Mary sat still and made no attempt to prevent them from going.
The creatures gave evidence of great fear, but they dared not attempt to prevent the act.
TAXI FOR STRAIN John lies on pitch as players erupt in laughter after his hilarious attempt to prevent a goal ends in embarrassment
Existing ash ponds will be subject to new inspection and monitoring standards in an attempt to prevent leaks into groundwater and catastrophic spills, and restrictions to reduce air pollution from ash sites.
ANGELS & DEMONS (5*, Wednesday, 9pm) TOM Hanks reprises his De Vinci Code character in a new puzzle which sees him racing around Italy in an attempt to prevent priests being killed by a member of an ancient society.
TEHRAN (FNA)- As part of the ongoing attacks on the Syrian media, the servers of SANA website were targeted by methodical cyber attacks over the past few days in an attempt to prevent readers from accessing it.
My early eviction too could be an attempt to prevent me from being seen on the show, who knows?
Iraq decided to beef up the security measures on its borders with Syria, in an attempt to prevent cross-border infiltration attempts and smuggling weapons.
CASE FACTS: This case arose out of a patient's complaint that both the treating physician as well as the hospital, inter alia, failed to attempt to prevent the patient from leaving the hospital.
The demonstrators did not attempt to prevent tourists from visiting the site.
In an attempt to prevent similar deaths from happening, Harrison's family has launched a campaign for "Harrison's law", hoping to ban the sale of looped cords on blinds in the UK.